Could I use CBD before work?

CBD, what is it?

CBD is cannabidiol, natural oil derived from a plant that produces cannabis. For several medical conditions, including anxiety, pain control, and even cancer, studies have found it to be a highly successful therapy. It is also earning its fair share of controversy because of its association with cannabis (or recreational marijuana). Nevertheless, only because both substances derive from the same plant, do not be misled into believing that they have similar effects.

Some individuals may be worried about the impact of CBD on their work output and therefore stop taking it until their workday is finished. In most professions, being able to concentrate and remain alert is crucial, and people abhor the thought of being "high" in their workplace. But if you have a quality source of CBD, you don't have to think about that. Before work, may I take CBD? Let's debate.

Is CBD like cannabis?

For thousands of years, marijuana has been used recreationally and medicinally. People have been using it since ancient times to reach a "high" and cope with their medical complaints. And it remains incredibly popular and used daily for the same items as it was centuries ago, despite it still being illegal in many places across the globe.

Many individuals are now aware of the general impact that marijuana has on the human body. It is normal to see drowsiness, dizziness, euphoria, and occasionally paranoia and anxiety or depression. Some studies have also shown that routine, long-term usage can lead to mental health complaints that are even more severe. And it can result in damage to the lungs, throat, and airways if the drug is smoked.

CBD, however, is not like marijuana. It is not smoked, first of all. And you don't need to think about smelling like weed and you can't be scared of any damage to your respiratory tract. Second, if CBD is correctly extracted from the cannabis plant, it will not cause the psychoactive or "high" effects usually associated with the use of marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the active ingredient in marijuana that induces drowsiness, dizziness, and other symptoms, including the common "high" feeling, contains little or no CBD oil.

Given that most individuals clearly do not want to be "high" when attempting to do their jobs, CBD is a viable choice for pre-work and all-day use, given that this "high" effect or the other associated effects of marijuana use do not occur.

What side effects are there?

Many research on the possible dangers and side effects of CBD have been performed. And the news is good. It is not only safe to take CBD oil in large amounts, daily, without the possibility of overdose, but also has little or no side effects. The results of formal studies have also been backed by anecdotal evidence. Some scientists have also gone so far as to say that a CBD overdose is not feasible.

Some studies have found that CBD, if taken correctly, can result in a calming effect. This can be a valuable instrument in reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace and may make it the perfect drug to consume before work. However, you should remember that the relaxing effects of CBD are much milder than those of marijuana.

What is checking for drugs?

This is a very legitimate question considering that most workplaces expect their workers to submit on occasion to random drug testing. But if you have received quality THC from a reliable source, you should not be afraid to test positive for the use of CBD cannabis. It helps to know how drug tests operate to understand why.

Drug tests aim to identify drug metabolites, not the medications themselves. Within the substance, metabolites are those active ingredients that remain within the body even after the drug has been broken down for a long time. The metabolite the test searches for is THC for marijuana drug tests. So, since the content of CBD does not contain THC, no THC metabolites will be found in the test, so a clean result will be returned.

However, you should be mindful that the THC levels may be much higher if you are using a lower quality CBD oil. And maybe high enough to show a positive result for a drug. Always make sure that you buy your CBD oil from a trustworthy, reliable source.

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